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Unfolding Product Boxes

Product Boxes

Product boxes are designed to sell, protect and present products. Most product boxes have 4-6 flat sides making it easier to handle, transport and stack on store shelves. Product boxes are designed as disposable single-use containers.

Box Nets

Product boxes start as digital 2D net designs. A net is a template used to manufacture foldable boxes from cardboard. Cardboard boxes are assembled by folding and fastening one or multiple cardboard nets together.


Product boxes can’t always be unfolded, flattened and recycled by the consumer. Some product boxes are easy to unfold but they were not intentionally made to be. Most product designers do not spend time planning the unfolding process of their product’s box.


Product box designers should spend more time planning the unfolding process of their product’s box. Planning a product box unfolding process for a product’s box will decrease wasted recycling space, wasted materials and also entice consumers to recycle more. Easily unfolding a product box would be a nice ending to the presentation of a product contained inside a cardboard box.

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