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MakerMade (300x) 3D Printer Review

I ordered a MakerMade 300x from the United States with shipping to Canada in September 2022. I paid $1577.00 CDN total and I wasted my money. My order was missing parts and the 3D printer parts that I did get weren’t assembled with care.

The 300x has a weak and unstable aluminum x-axis gantry frame and the two vertical threaded z-axis rods that position the extruder in the frame are very loose and wobbly. The top of these rods need an additional part to keep them in place. I used two spare hex nuts and some electrical tape to keep the rods in place.

I was using a cheap Anycubic 3D printer that I bought from Amazon prior to ordering from MakerMade. I wanted the speed of my MakerMade 3D printer to be the same or faster than my previous 3D printer and I also wanted to customize the programming. I tried to increase the printing speed and customizing the codes which made my situation worse.

I couldn’t return my MakerMade order so I disassembled it and used it for other industrial design projects. I then ordered a LulzBot TAZ Sidekick and it works perfectly. I wrote a positive review for LulzBot in late November 2022.

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