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LulzBot’s TAZ Sidekick 3D Printer


LulzBot’s TAZ Sidekick 3D printer is easy to assemble, use and maintain. I was 3D printing within 2 hours of assembling my first Lulzbot 3D printer. LulzBot’s version of Cura is easy to use and offers some different settings than Ultimaker Cura. Operating this 3D printer using the LCD display is very easy. Loading and unloading filament is also very easy.


LulzBot might be the best 3D printing company in the United States. Their professional 3D printers are assembled with care and precision. LulzBot sells and services their 3D printers through their website. They also offer support for their 3D printers by email and phone.


I created an open-source Arduino UNO program (Power Time Logger) that could be added to and used by LulzBot. I don’t use this Arduino UNO program myself, but I have shared the code and 3D model for free on Arduino’s project page.


I’m very thankful, impressed and happy to be a customer of LulzBot.

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