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Future 3D Printer Plastics

Dynamic stress and age indicating 3D printing plastic filament.


3D printing plastic that indicates material dynamics with different colours is not yet available to buy. This plastic could be used to measure stress or fatigue caused by tension, compression and torsion in 3D printed models.


- Stress indicating 3D printer plastic.

- Xray indication 3D printer plastic.

- Chemical indication 3D printer plastic.

- Stress protection 3D printer plastic.

- Dynamic biodegradable age, stress and heat indicating 3D printer plastic.

Age Indication

Plastic could be formed into products with one base colour that will slowly fade through other colours like bronze, silver and gold. Every 2, 5 or 10 years the plastic changes colour to indicate it's age.

- Vehicle tires could change colour when they are too old and stressed.

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