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Designer Statement

I’m a native Canadian designer with mixed Metis and European ancestry. My current design work is created from inspiration found in many other products and in different places on our planet. I used to draw, sketch and paint but I don’t like to anymore. I am focused on graphic design and product design separately and I sometimes combine them together. I make fan art to fasten and secure the culture of popular businesses. I like to combine old traditions with modern technology in order to advance myself and our world. I always want something new because yesterday is old. I work with digital and physical mediums to produce new designs that can be screen printed and 3D printed.

I studied design by researching it myself on the internet. I learned how to use Sketchup through YouTube over the past ten years. I didn’t start to focus on my current work until 2019. I took a break in 2020 because of the pandemic. I thought I had a plan for 2020 but I had to reorganize myself and plan to live and create designs in a post-pandemic world.

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