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Designer Interview

What are you working on at the moment?

Alex: I am working on a lot of 2D graphic designs and 3D models. I sometimes make graphic designs for my 3D models and sell them together online.

What is your definition of design?

Alex: Design is the plan and process of creating new physical or digital products.

What is your design process?

Alex: I find inspiration in other products and then I make concepts from my inspiration. I make or fabricate several concepts before finalizing my design.

What are your design principles?

Alex: I consider my design principles to be design ethics. I support my favorite movies, bands and artists. I also support others who are creative in their own cultures.

Your favorite software to work with?

Alex: I use Sketchup for most of my 3D modelling and I use Adobe Photoshop+ Illustrator for graphic design.

What is the most recent thing you experienced that has deeply inspired you?

Alex: I am often inspired by what other artists and designers have already created. I am very inspired by large companies, personal brands and businesses.

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