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Business Name Change



The domain was ordered in September 2022 and then cancelled in January 2023. The username “shapetask” was consistently claimed on every social media website. The term “shapetask” was given a “Did you mean:” link when searched on Google.


In January 2023, the domain was ordered and every available account that was eligible to use this username was claimed. The term “sourceduty” is easily found by searching Google. A simple logo was quickly created with plans to change in the future.


Rebranding this small business with a new and consistent name was not easy. Many other names were chosen, checked and rejected in order to find and utilize Sourceduty. The inspiration for Sourceduty came from terms used in industrial design. The first word, “source”, is used in digital asset creation as in “source files”. The second word, “duty”, was inspired by the the original business name that used “task”.

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