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Alex’s Design Process

Industrial design inspiration, concepts, fabrication and finalization.


Design notes and drawings are created for concepts that are inspired by experience and observation. Some of my design ideas are inspired by life hacks or do-it-yourself projects. I use digital note and simple drawing apps to record my new ideas.


Rough design drafts, more drawings and notes are created and combined together to form concept designs. Many concepts are designed and modified. Final concept designs are analyzed for defects and mistakes before fabrication. I use Free3D, Blender and Sketchup to form digital 3D model concept designs. Preview images are captured with Snipping Tool while using 3D Builder on Windows 11.


The final design is 3D printed and then photographed or video recorded.


Finished product source files and design presentations are created and organized inside of one folder. Final photos and videos are added to the source file folders.


Every design process is used differently by each individual designer. My design process is not a computer program and I’m not a digitally automated designer. I currently use my design process to form ideas into concepts and finalize 3D models for 3D printing fabrication.

I can also work with different manufacturing processes and materials when finalizing my industrial designs. My design process does not restrict my usage of different manufacturing processes and materials.

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