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3D Printing Questions

How would you describe your work and your influences?

I create unique unique 3D models that are usually influenced by product usage.

What are the best 3D printing websites?

The best 3D printing sites are the galleries and marketplaces. These best sites have a 3D viewer to preview files before downloading, provide individual files to download and have free models.

What materials do you use for printing?

I mainly use PLA with some TPU and PETG.

What is an .stl file?

An .stl file format describes surface geometry of a 3D object without any colour, texture or detailed attributes. An .stl file is a series of linked triangles that recreates or reproduces the surface geometry of a 3D model. The more triangles used to divide the surface of the 3D model, the higher resolution the 3D model will have.

Do you prefer working in a team or alone?

I usually work alone but I'm willing to collaborate with another designer. Any designer who joins me needs to add skills, knowledge, value and experience to support the collaboration. An equal investment of time, money and energy must be spent by each designer before, during and after the collaboration.

How to keep yourself motivated?

I keep looking forwards to my newest designs, finished 3D models and the future.

Any upcoming products?

Yes, I have a lot of upcoming 3D models, projects and business.

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