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3D Model Marketplaces

Free and paid websites for buying and selling 3D models.

Cults3D Free to join, very popular, beginner friendly, free entry contests, huge selection, 20% total sales commission. CGTrader Free to join, big selection, low 6% total sales commission. Cubebrush Free to join, apply to sell, big selection, 10% to 30% total sales commission. TurboSquid Free to join, big selection, low 15% total sales commission. 3DExport Free to join, big selection, 20% to 40% total sales commission. DAZ3D Apply to join, 50% total sales commission. 3Docean Free to join, big selection, 15% total sales commission. Sketchfab Free to join, apply for selling, 12% total sales commission. MyMiniFactory Free to join, 8% total sales commission. GrabCAD Free to join, free marketplace. Thangs Free to join, big selection, free entry contests, useful features, free marketplace, beginner friendly. Thingiverse Free to join, big selection, remixes, free marketplace, beginner friendly.


I didn’t choose to favor Cults3D. I try to sell on every 3D model marketplace but I sell more on Cults3D than anywhere else. Cults3D should allow remixing like Thangs and Thingiverse.

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